Weekend Winks for 2/5/12

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Good morning!! Yay, the weekend is here!! Right now, present moment, yes!

In Friday’s post, I mentioned how I had a busy day filled with many appointments including my first health history with a potential client for my Wellness Counseling practice, as well as an appointment with my own wellness counselor. Well, things didn’t go quite as planned and I had to reschedule the above two appointments. I did manage to make it to my dentist appointment and oil change. Last minute schedule changes are yet another reason why having mental flexibility is key…don’t sweat the small stuff!

Of important note, my dental hygienist gave me a healthy mouth tip. I was inquiring about which type of mouth rinse she recommended. The rinse that she recommends is CloSys (can be purchased at Walgreens) and the one that she said NOT TO USE was the Crest line of rinses. She said that they have an ingredient that actually stains the teeth. I love learning helpful tips like this…prevention is key!

Moving on, I wanted to kick off the weekend by sharing some of my favorite posts over the last week. There are some amazing recipes that I am excited to share and I would also love to try!

First off, Thursday night I slept awful!! I could not fall asleep and after tossing and turning for an hour, I decided to get up and blog. While I would have much rather been sleeping, my time blogging paid off. I discovered a new-to-me blog called What Runs Lori. I immediately spotted a recipe for Supercharged Recovery Quinoa Cookies. These sound like a recipe I would definitely make!

It seems that many fellow bloggers are trying a grain-free diet. While I am not eating a grain-free diet, I have found several grain-free treats that look fabulous! Megan at Detoxinista made Chocolate Chip “Oat” Cookies while Kris at I Heart Wellness made Peanut Butter Macaroons. YUM!

Might as well stick with the cookies! In honor of Valentine’s Day, a lot of delicious, healthy cookies have been popping up in the blogosphere. Lori and Michelle from Pure 2 Raw went above and beyond when they made Raw Pink Heart Cookie Sandwiches, making a delicious, healthy, and BEAUTIFUL cookie for this special day!

Wow, I am going crazy for cookies (and other treats) it appears! I am also crazy for savory recipes too! For this next one, you don’t have to go too far or anywhere at all for that matter. Lori and Michelle also posted a recipe for Kale Artichoke Veggie Quiche. I love quiche, especially the crustless version!

Wait there is another Valentine’s Day recipe I would like to highlight. Kathy at Healthy Happy Life posted a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Mousse Pie. The photos are beautiful! I wish I had a superpower to reach through my screen and taste all these yummies! Guess I will just have to make them myself! :)

Finally, I encourage you to visit The Wellness Warrior where Jess is selling her first e-book! I downloaded a copy last night and it is a great read! I love supporting fellow bloggers! Jess’ sexy, sassy personality and her passion for healthy living shines through Make Peace With Your Plate.

That’s a wrap…hope you enjoyed this week’s weekend winks! Have a vibrant weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? Any Valentine’s Day plans, treat making…hmm?

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