Weekend Winks for 10/30/11

Posted on Nov 6, 2011 | 4 comments

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Happy Weekend! Wow, October sure flew by quickly…and November doesn’t show signs of slowing down either! Really, it’s the 6th of November already?! Yes, yes it is…and being November 6th it also a very special day! Happy Birthday sweetie!

I mentioned on Friday that we were likely going to Boulder in celebration of Travis’ special day. Unfortunately I came down with something on Friday night and was up through the night with terrible stomach cramps. Although I am feeling somewhat better now, we are taking the day easy so I am fully recovered by the BIG day! :)

I am assuming that with some rest and a few more cups of Peppermint & Tummy Mint tea I will be 100% and I cannot wait! The only good thing about not feeling well is that it that it makes you realize how wonderful you typically feel and to be grateful for all of the good days!

While recovering, I have found some amazing blog posts that I am excited to share for this week’s weekend winks!

Andie at Can You Stay For Dinner wrote a lovely post entitled 4 Great Vegetarian Bean Recipes. The recipes included: Vegan Black Bean Burgers, Baked Falafel with Lemon Tahini Sauce, Spicy Garlic & Lime Black Bean Enchiladas, and Slowed Cooked Sweet Potato Chili. I have re-created the Baked Falafels and it continues to be one of my favorite recipes!

Next up, Felicia at Natural & Balanced posted a wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Protein Bars as well as her standards for protein bars. The bars are low carb, sugar & grain free and have amazing nutritional stats! Another one that I cannot wait to try! If you are looking for workout routines, Felicia also posted her workout schedule that you can check out for inspiration!

The next wink goes to Healthy Tasty Cheap where cousins Gillian & Ayah Young post some of the most fabulous fall fare. Gillian did a Fall Food Month Re-Cap where she has some fantastic recipes including Fall Harvest Chili, Pumpkin Bread, Fresh Pumpkin Butter, & a Pumpkin Spice Almond Milk Latte. YUM!!

If you are looking to please your dinner guests, Megan at The Detoxinista, posted several Healthy Dinner Recipes to Impress. I tried a version of the Better Broccoli Soup Friday night and I loved it! Megan has also posted a new recipe for sugar-free macaroons that looks delicious too! She covered it all this past week, sweet & savory!

Last, but certainly not least, Leanne at Healthful Pursuit posted a super healthy, super simple 5 Ingredient Jam-Packed Protein Cakes. Not only are the cakes simple & healthy, they are super cute! I am thinking I am hoping to make this one to enjoy for a cozy Saturday night treat..assuming my rest & tea does the trick by then!

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s weekend winks! Sending a big wink to all the wonderful & inspiring bloggers…thanks you for sharing & inspiring!

What are you up to this weekend? Any new recipes you are enjoying?


  1. Thanks for the wink! It’s an honor to be listed with such fabulous company.

    • Anytime..it’s always a pleasure to send winks to inspiring bloggers! :)

  2. thank you for the shout out! :) just made another double batch of those bars a few days ago. i’ll have to go check out those protein cakes! hope you had a great weekend!

    • Of course, I can’t wait til I have time to make these! What type of protein powder do you use, whey or vegan? Thanks!

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