Weekend Winks for 10/02/11

Posted on Oct 9, 2011 | 2 comments

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Happy Weekend!! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday! It was overcast and rainy in Fort Collins on Saturday and I suspect the same cozy weather for today. Perfect weather for catching up on inspiring blogs, setting your intentionsoutlining your workout schedule for the week, and spending some quality time in the kitchen!!

Just in case you need some direction in locating those inspirational blog posts…allow me to present a handful to you for this week’s Weekend Winks!

First off, I Heart Wellness has some amazing recipes posted including Easy Mini “Ice Cream” Sandwiches, plus an inspiring message about how to find your blessings amidst the obstacles or in Kris’ words Seeing the Blessings in Your Crap…same concept! :)

Angela at Oh She Glows has done it again, posting a fabulous recipe for Butternut Mac n Cheeze! The recipe and the photos are amazing as is Angela’s creativity! It is the perfect recipe for a cozy weekend!

Chocolate Covered Katie posted a fun little recipe for a single serving Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Muffin. Sometimes it’s fun to make single serving sizes of multiple treats so you can enjoy a little (or BIG) sample platter of everything…or at least that’s what I like to do! :)

Jess at The Wellness Warrior recently did a Q & A with Amir Zoghi, a self awareness leader and intuitive warrior. This post is a MUST READ as it is filled with tons of great information on the importance of trusting one’s intuition & living in the present!! He ends with a quote…

“Love is all there is, all else is your judgement of what is.”

Amir Zoghi

Finally, Healthful Sense is doing an awesome giveaway for Southern Grace Farms Peanut Flour. The giveaway ends October 14th and NEED to enter this one to experience the incredible flavor of peanut flour. I received a small jar last week in the mail and it is not going to last long..I think it’s already half empty! The peanut flour is perfect for creating my favorite raw treats, like peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough & perfect for creating icing and sauces…so versatile…LOVE! Enter the giveaway, but I am hoping I am the lucky winner..hehe…just kidding! I hope someone else has the opportunity to experience the deliciousness and I am going to order a case next time! :) Lisa has also posted a fabulous recipe for her famous peanut sauce as well as High Protein Cookie Dough! :)

After reading this post, it looks like you have some MUST reads and NEED to-do’s! :) Have a wonderful, cozy weekend!!

What have you been up to this weekend? Do you like to prepare for the week ahead, if so, what do you do?


  1. Thanks for the link love <3
    Love the weekend "winks"…
    off to check out the butternut squash mac & cheese and the choc chip muffins =)
    Have a wonderful lazy sunday… relaxing sounds like a good idea to me!!

    • Perfect day here in Fort Collins for a lazy day…cozy cozy..but still lots to do…I will be enjoying every minute of it! :) Have a wonderful day!

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