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Posted on Feb 8, 2012 | 10 comments

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Happy Wednesday!! Having a fabulous week? :)

It’s that time again for another inspirational Awaken Wednesday post. Last week, we I chatted about increasing the time between a stimulus and your action, focusing on acting rather than reacting to a situation. I mentioned that I am practicing this in my own life. It is an area where I have made huge leaps and where I am excited to continue to grow!

I think there are certain aspects of my personality that I can attribute to why I am working towards the above. I am a quick thinker. With thoughts bouncing around all the time, you can see where I might tend to (re)act quickly. Furthermore, I am a huge planner. If I have a to-do list, I like to tackle it. If there is a problem, I like to create ways to solve it. I am a do-er. Naturally, you can see how all of these things play a role in learning how to create more space, more time between stimuli and actions.

In each one of our lives, there are certain things that we are contemplating, things we are uncertain or undecided about. Perhaps it is deciding whether you should quit our job to move forward in a career you love. It may be deciding whether to buy a car or a house. It may be related to a relationship. Being one who likes to find the solution and check off the problem so that it is handled, you can see how this may cause some difficulty or at least uneasiness at times.

In any case, whatever it is that you might be dealing with or contemplating, there are a few things that  I find helpful to be mindful of in order to know which path to take, if any…

1. Talk to someone. Share your thoughts and feelings with your friends and family and enlist their support.

2. Journal. Get it out on paper. Recently, on my Integrative Nutrition module, the speaker, Julia Cameron, advised to journal first thing when you wake up. Check out her website here if you are interested in learning about Morning Pages. If this isn’t right for you, then try right before you go to bed.

3. Meditate. Just sit with it and let it be exactly as it is, knowing that the universe fully supports you and you don’t have to make  a decision right now. Trust that everything always has a way of working out!

4. Practice self-love, you don’t have to be perfect and know everything. Right where you are is perfect!

5. Do more of those things that you love! Get out of your head and practice the things you love to do, for example, reading, baking, making playlists, etc.


If I had to choose just one thing that I would offer, it would be to practice self-love!

Wishing you a thriving Wednesday filled with happiness and peace!

Are there things that you are undecided about? What strategies do you use? 


  1. Hey there lovely! Great post – and so true about self-love. Lately I’ve been setting aside a good chunk of weekend time for doing things I enjoy. On Sunday mornings I love waking up and doing the end-of-week activities in my IIN journal. Definitely helps me to collect my thoughts in one place and clear my mind. I hope you have a peaceful Wednesday too!

    • Just reading that you are setting aside time on the weekend is so uplifting! I have been a basket case on the weekends I feel..trying to get everything done and ready for the upcoming week..eek. Since realizing this, I have decided to make a few changes, which I am excited to implement this weekend in order to slow down and enjoy it more! Have a lovely day gorgeous! :)

  2. Thanks love for this post and I find journaling and meditating are huge for me to calm my mind down and get refocused…thats when my best ideas flow in!


    • Hope you enjoyed a fabulously special Birthday!! :) Meditating…I love it, believe it is so powerful and the one that I want to do more of!!

  3. I love posts like this…thanks for inspiring me!
    And that quote is so arsty!

    • I love the quotes…I got them from Jess at The Wellness Warrior…she has so many inspiring images! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I really liked today’s post. My mind will race with a million thoughts and I have to consciously slow it down. Thanks for the great reminders!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the post…thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Liz, great post! I find a short morning meditation to be very helpful in re-aligning my day with my vision and values. It helps me to get out of a “busy” mindset into a “productive” mindset. It is so important to do at least one small thing a day that brings us closer to the big dream!

    • Thank you so much for this comment..I love it…”productive” and the thought of doing just 1 small thing a day…what a great reminder..I shall take this with me! Happy Hearts! :)

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