Indulgent Chocolate Chip Cookies+New Eating Goal

Posted on Jun 6, 2011 | 8 comments

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I have been on this cookie & cookie dough kick lately! I don’t know what has gotten into me, other than checking out Chocolate-Covered Katie’s recipes. The photos on CCK always inspire me to make delicious cookies & other healthy treats that taste what Katie describes as “naughty! :) The recipe below has been largely modified & probably doesn’t resemble the original recipe anymore because I have made the recipe at least a few times and changed it each time! I figure I need to go ahead & publish this recipe while it is still in cookie form, rather than modifying it again where it possibly would develop into something other than a cookie. Believe me, it has happened before. You start out making one thing, but it quickly takes another form after several modifications! :)

Indulgent Chocolate Chip Cookies

¼ c. walnuts

¼ c. oats

1/8 t. salt

¼ c. brown rice flour

1 T. flax meal

¼ t. xanthum gum

¼ t. baking soda

1 Medjool date (chopped)+ 1 T. hot water

1 t. coconut oil

1 T. brown sugar

1 T. cane sugar

3 stevia scoops

1 T. applesauce

2 T. almond milk

½ t. vanilla

1 T. semi-sweet mini chocolate chips

  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • Pour hot water over chopped date & allow to soak for 5 minutes
  • Place walnuts & oats in food processor & pulse until fine, flour-like consistency
  • In a mixing bowl, add salt, flour, flax meal, xanthum gum, & baking soda
  • Transfer processed walnuts & oats to dry ingredients & mix together
  • Drain water from date
  • In a separate bowl, add date, coconut oil, sugar, stevia, applesauce, almond milk & vanilla
  • Place in microwave for ~ 15 seconds
  • Take out & mix ingredients together
  • Add dry ingredients to wet & mix until well combined
  • Add chocolate chips
  • Form cookie dough balls and place on lined cookie sheet
  • Bake on 350 F for 5 minutes

Indulgent Double Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Follow the same recipe above, and add 1 T. cocoa powder
  • Bake at 350 F for 5 minutes

Next time, I would probably leave out the flax, in order to have a gooey-er cookie!

A couple of fellow bloggers including Angela at Oh She Glows & Angela at Eat Spin Run Repeat have posted their goals for the month of June. I am a firm believer in setting goals and based upon recent review of my diet & my cravings lately, I believe it is a perfect time to set a goal & get back on track!

I have been making a lot of healthy treats & snacks lately, which I love, however, I think everything needs to be enjoyed in moderation and be in balance.  Making a lot of treats involves a lot of taste testing and snacking along the way. Sometimes after a lot of taste testing & snacking, I don’t feel like eating a healthy-balanced meal later in the day and will just have something small & insubstantial or compensate by having more treats or snack. Not a good idea!

This type of eating program leaves me feeling less than vibrant & energetic. It also lacks nutrients that my body needs. Furthermore, I wouldn’t recommend this way of eating to others.  Therefore,  I am going to practice what I preach so to speak and take a step back to regain a healthy balance in regards to my diet.

In order to achieve my goal of cutting back on treats & snacks, I would like to increase the number of well-balanced meals I share! Therefore, my tentative plan is to share one to two treat or snack recipes, two healthy meals, either lunch or dinner, and at least one healthy breakfast recipe.

In order to feel vibrant & energetic we must fuel our bodies properly! Let’s do it together!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Nice article! It will help me more chose to what I will buy and What I will select for me.

    • Thank you! Thank you! Let me know if you have questions along the way!

      Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by to check out the blog:)

  2. Wow, your cookies sound awesome!! Good luck with your eating goal for June – I’m sure you can do it. Have a wonderful Monday my dear! :)

    • Thank you! I will keep everyone posted! Same to you regarding your goals…we’ll keep each other in check!:)

      Have a lovely day & thanks for stopping by to check out the blog!

  3. Oh my goooosh, your cookies look SO super-moist and gooey and chocolatey and just yummy!

    • Geez, thanks!! I appreciate the lovely compliment!

      Have a super great day! :)

  4. Mmm, those cookies looks very good!
    I think that is a great gold! I have the same problem. Often I eat something healthy, but on the heavier side (like today I had chocolate mousse), and it makes me feel full and not ready for a meal. I think I would be better of with MORE food, and keeping treats as treats- not a meal in itself!
    Good luck :)

    • I totally agree! I also have to watch the portion sizes of my treats as this is another area that can get a little out of control! Chocolate mousse…YUM! At least we have the opportunity to make a healthier choice that makes us feel better next time!

      Have a great night!

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