Extreme Shed & Shred Review Part II

Posted on Jan 30, 2012 | 6 comments

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Hey Guys! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!! Yesterday I went on a lovely 2 mile jog/walk on a beautiful trail with Travis in Fort Collins. It was so peaceful…I loved it! There were a few other things that went down:), one of which was attending a baby shower-my wonderful friend from grad school has a little girl on the way! :)

In honor of Move It Monday, I wanted to get back to Jillian Michael’s Shed & Shred dvd. I did a review on Level I which I did awhile back and had nothing but great things to say. This past week, I tried Level Two of the DVD and it was awesome & challenging!

Last week for Move It Monday, I discussed that there is no reason to do an exercise that you really don’t enjoying doing and that New Actions=New Results. For me,  I have to remember that it’s okay if I don’t get in my usual cardio training, like running and it’s good to challenge my body in new ways. Level Two of Shed & Shred was awesome because it is a total body workout, incorporating strength and cardio training!

The Fit Bottomed Girls have a great review on their website. “The 54-minute Level Two workout has the same warm-up and cool down, but a longer and more intense workout section that’s 41 minutes long. Featuring more complicated and advanced moves like plank push-up jacks, weighted reverse crunches, deep warrior poses, kettlebell swings with a dumbbell, and a standing balance and core strength move called “Statue of Liberty,” it is not for the faint of heart.”

I might add that there are “one-legged mountain climbers” that are also not for the faint of heart-they are killer-in a totally good way!

Have a wonderful start to your week and get out their and move it! :)

What are some of your favorite workout DVDs? Are you a fan of Jillian Michael DVDs? Fun weekend?


  1. OMG 1-legget mountain climbers are killer!!! I haven’t tried any Jillian Michaels DVDs yet as I don’t normally work out at home, but if I was going to, I’m pretty sure she’d be the first person I’d trust. Sounds like you had a really fun and relaxing weekend!

  2. I did the level one (I guess that’s what it was) a few years ago. I think it was like a 30 day thing?? Either way I thought it was a great workout. It was enjoyable too since she is so motivating during the whole thing. That’s probably my favorite part about it.

    • She is motivating..I agree!! Hope you’re having a great week!! :)

  3. so tasty and I am so glad you inspired me to try bee pollen granules…they are a wonderful addition to so many things!…………rgt

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